Kindness and Words

Sometimes, I feel like I fall behind. There is so much to follow. But when I do find something inspiring, I share it, even if it’s not new.

Ellen Degeneres recently tweeted about meeting actor Josh Radnor and shared a link to a piece he wrote in the Los Angeles Times Magazine back in 2008. It was such a joy to read and an even greater joy to share.  If you haven’t read it, you can now. Here.

The piece speaks of kindness, by and for everyone but specifically in the entertainment industry. I couldn’t agree with it more and continue to practice kindness at every opportunity, even though I’m not a celebrity. What also “spoke” to me was a reference to the way we communicate, of course. 🙂

Radnor writes, “our thoughts and words are powerful far beyond what we suspect,” which I’ve believed for some time. It’s nice, though, to know that others concur. Do you?

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