Say My Name

Do you want to earn points and make a good impression with someone?

You might want to connect with the person to whom you are speaking, perhaps an interviewer. Here’s a simple measure that goes a long way- say that person’s name.

I’m a pushover for people who say my name during a conversation. That small gesture makes a conversation, an interview, or really any communicative interaction that much more personal.  And whether it’s a presentation, a performance, a joke, or any other expression, our goal is most often to connect with our audience.

So what’s in a name? Well, our name is generally how we identify ourselves, and when you refer to someone by name during an exchange, you’re communicating to them that you are in this conversation, and you know to whom you’re speaking. You’re paying attention and trying to connect on some level. You want to share something specifically with them. And most of all, you’re validating their existence.

Some people often feel invisible for  a variety of reasons. When you use their name in conversation, you’re showing them that you’re not just thinking of yourself and what you want to say, but you’re listening to them, you’re communicating with them, and you’re engaging them in conversation.

Pay attention to your next conversation. See how it makes you feel when someone  refers to you by name, and try it out yourself when you speak with people.

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