Sleep Before You Speak

Sleep Before You Speak. You may not have heard this one before. Think Before You Speak? Maybe. Thinking before you speak is an invaluable precept to live by.  So many times have I said something, only to cringe each and every time I replay it in my mind. What was I thinking? Why would I say such a thing?  Thinking, and then administering some carefully considered control over your words is one of the most effective ways  to reduce the risk of appearing as the fool.   More and more often, I now find myself smiling on the inside, having triumphed over the foolish by refraining from saying something which will only cause me grief later. So why am I singing the praises of the Think Before You Speak adage? Well, I just wanted to make sure we were all clear on that one before I introduced a variation on it.

Now then, Sleep Before You Speak.  If you are feeling exhausted like I am feeling right now, then the thought of sharing a cohesive communication or a presentation probably seems daunting. So don’t do it.  Get some sleep!  So much seems possible when we’re coherent.  If thinking before you speak is the security gate to the estate that is your message, then getting the sleep you need is the key to that gate.  Get your brain rested and ready to go before even attempting to think.  We haven’t even started discussing the actual communication, spoken word, gesture, etc.  For now, just rest up.  We’ll be able to function and process and prepare our sentiments and strategies after some quality shut-eye.